Playing the game face to face

Downloadable resources you need to be able to play the game for yourselves.

The team who created the game had multiple decks of cards professionally printed as waxed playing cards. An example card is shown below:

We have run the game multiple times at conferences and in practitioner workshops, including with transport authorities considering TAP as an approach for developing new Local Transport Plans or Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Unfortunately, we don’t have decks of cards available to order. However, if you are prepared to do some printing and cutting out, you can easily create a deck of cards of your own. We have created a downloadable ‘game pack’. This contains the following:

  • Game cards for printing (and cutting out)
  • Rules card for printing (and cutting out)
  • Game slides and script (a Powerpoint file that you need to use to run the game – starting with the Stage 1 ‘sales pitch’, the script for which is included in the notes pages)
  • Video of the Stage 1 ‘sales’ pitch (this can be played in place of using the first 17 slides of the slide deck above)

Download the game pack (89Mb)

If you have queries about running the game yourself using this pack, please feel free to contact Professor Glenn Lyons at

We would be delighted if you choose to run the game and even more pleased if you are willing to provide feedback from the experience. We have designed a simple feedback form that includes asking you to upload a file with details (possibly photos included) of the final five cards chosen by players (in each game) with their decision cards and some of the reasoning behind.

Have fun!

Not convinced you want to run the game face-to-face using the resources above? Don’t worry, thanks to a wonderful and hardworking team of games technology students at UWE Bristol a digital version of TAP-SWOT in a BOX has been created.

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