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Upcoming TAP presentations at POLIS and the European Transport Conference

Play the TAP-SWOT in a BOX-game at European Transport Conference in Milan, 8 september 2022
We are delighted to be unveiling and trying out our new card game ‘TAP-SWOT in a BOX’ at the European Transport Conference in Milan on 8 September 2022 (Session 4 – 0930 – 1100). The card game has previously been played at the annual Transport Practitioners Meeting in London on 29 June (Room 3 – 1500-1600).

In the game developed by TAP project coordinator Glenn Lyons with colleagues, you act as a team of advisors tasked with considering the ‘product on offer’ and coming to a view on whether or not to recommend ‘buying’ it to the boss.

How will you do this? Well, we have organised ‘product reviews’ into four suits of cards: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You must work together to home in on the five most important cards that you think would form your elevator pitch to the boss: advising her about the key considerations that form the basis of your buy / don’t buy recommendation to her.

Project insights presented at POLIS conference, Brussels, November 30 – December 1
At the POLIS conference, Vincent Marchau and Sander Lenferink will present insights from the project under the heading Lessons for improving SUMP practice: Triple Access Planning for Uncertainty.

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Welcome to join a LinkedIn Community of Practice

Triple Access Planning relates to Decide and Provide – a vision-led approach to strategic planning in an uncertain world, with access rather than (only) mobility at its heart.

To support dialogue and discussions on Triple Access Planning and a Decide and Provide approach, and how they can be translated into practice, a LinkedIn Group has been set up.

If you would like to be part of this community of practice, please request to join. It is intended to be a forum for sharing questions, hopes, fears, experiences and advice – and for making connections with like-minded professionals who want to see real change in the way we plan.

The LinkedIn group is independent from the Triple Access Planning for Uncertain Futures project, but will be used both as a source of inspiration for, and a channel to disseminate and discuss insights and results from, the project.

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Online workshop on SUMPs for uncertain futures on February 18th

In the upcoming AMS institute’s scientific conference: Reinventing the city, the Radboud University team within the Triple Access for Uncertain Futures are organizing a workshop with the title “Sustainable urban mobility planning for uncertain futures”. 

The workshop will be based on recent outcomes from the project, and it is taking place Online on the 18th of February, 2022, at 03:30 PM – 05:00 PM (CET). Together with workshop attendees, the Radboud team will be testing and modifying the project’s approach, taking digital access and uncertainties into account. In particular we will focus on Steps 03 till 07 of the SUMP guidelines, in which an urban mobility vision and strategy are developed.

All interested parties are welcome to attend the workshop. This will be a chance to exchange your expertise, and thoughts and help us brainstorm new ideas to take into account in our SUMP re-design.

The conference is organized by AMS Institute in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam. It is focused around six key urban challenges that guide the way towards innovative, inclusive and sustainable cities. You can register for the workshop here. Know that the (small) registration fee will not only allow you access to our workshop, but to other workshops during the three-days conference as well (see here for the program).

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Podcast episode on triple access planning and accommodating uncertainty

Glenn Lyons, co-ordinator of TAP for Uncertain Futures, shares his views on the future of mobility, the place of triple access planning and the need to accommodate uncertainty in our transport planning, in an episode of the Engineering Matters podcast.

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TAP presentation at Civitas Forum 2021

Tom Rye, Daniela Paddeu and Glenn Lyons presented the Triple Access Planning for Uncertain Futures project at Civitas Forum 2021, held in Aachen, Germany, on 20th and 21st of October 2021. The presentation was part of session 9, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.