Feedback on the game

Read what others have said about the game having played it.

TAP-SWOT in a BOX has already been played multiple times at conferences and in workshops with practitioners. We recognise that before you consider playing yourself, you may wish to know a little more about what others have thought about the game.

Here are some of the quotes from previous game players:

  1. “Enjoyable experience and certainty thought provoking” (Transport Executive, council)
  2. “Very engaging way to describe a difficult concept” (Principal Analyst, local government)
  3. “Brilliant, imaginative and exactly what conferences need” (Behavioural scientist, academia)
  4. “Thanks, well presented, enjoyed the role play scenario played by the presenters” (Senior Transport Planner, consultancy)
  5. It would be interesting to involve those that are not transport professionals (Transport Officer, council)
  6. “Great!” (Senior Transport Planner, national government)
  7. “Nice time pressure for discussions within groups” (Graduate Transport Planner, consultancy)
  8. “I would like to try this with local authority planners” (Lecturer, academia)
  9. “I would like to consider using this in teaching.” (Senior researcher, academia)

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