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Upcoming TAP presentations at POLIS and the European Transport Conference

Play the TAP-SWOT in a BOX-game at European Transport Conference in Milan, 8 september 2022
We are delighted to be unveiling and trying out our new card game ‘TAP-SWOT in a BOX’ at the European Transport Conference in Milan on 8 September 2022 (Session 4 – 0930 – 1100). The card game has previously been played at the annual Transport Practitioners Meeting in London on 29 June (Room 3 – 1500-1600).

In the game developed by TAP project coordinator Glenn Lyons with colleagues, you act as a team of advisors tasked with considering the ‘product on offer’ and coming to a view on whether or not to recommend ‘buying’ it to the boss.

How will you do this? Well, we have organised ‘product reviews’ into four suits of cards: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You must work together to home in on the five most important cards that you think would form your elevator pitch to the boss: advising her about the key considerations that form the basis of your buy / don’t buy recommendation to her.

Project insights presented at POLIS conference, Brussels, November 30 – December 1
At the POLIS conference, Vincent Marchau and Sander Lenferink will present insights from the project under the heading Lessons for improving SUMP practice: Triple Access Planning for Uncertainty.